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Berry Lane Complementary Therapies in Nanstallon Near Bodmin offers ReflexologyAromatherapy, Body Massage, Hot Lava Shell Massage, Infant Massage (from 2014) and Herbal Medicine. (from 2014) These are all Holistic Therapies, which can help to redress any imbalances in the body on an emotional, physical, mental or spiritual level. As they are all Complementary Therapies they can be used alongside modern medicines, but also offer a more natural approach to body healing. Holistic Therapies treat the whole body in order to boost your body systems during the stress and pressure of every day life. Along with a healthy diet and exercise, Holistic Therapies work to keep the body in balance on all levels.
Our unique specially built shepherds hut treatment room is beautiful and adds to the ambiance and relaxed atmosphere.
You will be able to take advantage of our extensive grounds and gardens and be able to spend time, should you wish walking in our woodland and meeting our sheep and chickens at no extra cost.
Bed and Breakfast  with natural linen sheets and home made delicacies also available to make your  stay a total experience.